Cleanse the skin so that it is clean, dry and free of makeup. Then choose a suction head. For the first treatment, the diamond head is recommended.

Turn the machine on the lowest suction power and test it on the back of your hand. This is recommended to practice angling and movement before using it on the face. Wait 5 minutes to see your skin's reaction before moving on.

The face can be steamed before treatment to open and relax the pores. This is done either by using a facial steamer or by letting the steam from boiling water hit the face for 5-10 minutes. However, this is not a requirement.



The machine has 4 suction strengths. For the first treatment, it is important to use only the lowest and thus most gentle suction power. For subsequent treatments, you can gradually increase the suction power. Exception: If you want to remove blackheads around the nose with the small suction head, suction strength 3-4 can be used.

The treatment is performed by gently moving the machine over the natural lines of the face in quick, smooth strokes. Avoid treating an area more than 2-3 times and do not hold the machine in the same place for several seconds.

Stop the treatment if you experience pain. Pain may be caused by the suction power being too high, the machine being left in one place for too long, or an area being over-treated.



Remove the suction head and clean with water and possibly a cotton swab. It is also recommended to sanitize the suction head.

Rinse your face with cold water to close the pores and soothe the skin. It is important that the skin is well moisturized. Finish with your usual face cream or mask.

Learn after each treatment and adjust to suit your skin in the future.