About us

NiceSmile has challenged the traditional toothbrush and reimagined the electric toothbrush. We've combined the best features from both worlds to create a small, compact toothbrush weighing just 51 grams that you can take on the go. With a sleek and exclusive design, the electric toothbrush has been transformed into a feast for the eyes. Good health and dental health are connected. Our vision is to create a toothbrush equipped with the best technological features to make it easier for you to take care of your teeth whether you need basic care, are challenged by plaque, gingivitis or discoloration from coffee, tea, tobacco etc. Choose what's right for you where you are!

What's more, you no longer need to keep the charging station on hand because the small wireless charger enables our toothbrush to last for over 6 weeks on just 2 hours of charging.

We're passionate about quality design and flexibility - you get all of that in our smart toothbrush and you'll feel and see the difference as soon as you try our unique, quality toothbrush!